Rory Kallappa

Founder & CEO

Rory Kallappa, founder and CEO is a certified protection specialist who works with clients to provide the highest level of safety and security. Rory is a Military Police combat veteran (Iraq). Rory currently serves as the Chief of Public Safety for a Native American Tribe in Northwest Washington State. He skillfully governs a wide array of responsibilities to include budget formation and administration, personnel supervision, emergency management, development and implementation of policies and procedures, ensures the protection and security of the Tribal campus along with other Tribal properties. Rory institutes programs to enhance the safety of the Tribal campus and the Tribe as a whole.

Rory has held a variety of martial arts instructor certifications to include Gracie Survival Tactics level 1 (Jiu Jitsu), Krav Maga series 1-4 & 6. Rory is an NRA pistol instructor, a Law Enforcement firearms instructor and an (ALICE) active shooter instructor. He holds several instructor certifications under Rape Aggression Defense to include, Women’s basic self-defense, R.A.D for men, Weapons defense systems, Keychain defense options, Aerosol defense options, and Advanced self-defense.

Rory is an honor graduate of Executive Security International (ESI). After successful completion of ESI, Rory spent six years working for a Corporate executive in the Seattle area.

Patrick Carter

Security Operations Manager

Patrick Carter is a former Navy Seal who is now dedicated to providing high profile Clients with the maximum level of safety and security.

Patrick graduated Basic Underwater Demolition Seal (BUD/S) training class 155 as one of only 17 out of 128 original students to graduate in six months, receiving one of only two awards given to the trainees. He spent 10 years as a Navy Seal operating in multiple theaters around the globe including combat operations in the Philippines and Somalia. His successful career was once highlighted by his platoon being called upon to augment the United States Secret Service in the safeguarding of President George H.W. Bush while the President visited Mogadishu, Somalia. He finished his career with a stint as a Navy Seal Instructor before transitioning to civilian life, earning a master’s degree, and serving primarily Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder before ultimately moving to a career in law enforcement.

Upon graduating LaSorsa & Associates, Certified Protection Specialist training, Patrick has worked for a high-profile CEO in the Seattle area and within a variety of asset protection and site security assignments. He maintains an exceptional level of tactical awareness, proficiency, and physical fitness to afford Shamar clientele the highest echelon level peace of mind for all of their security concerns.